We help wholesalers, importers and producers to reach end-consumers online. E-commerce is experiencing growth rates of 20+ % per year in Brazil and this growth rate is expected to continue for years to come.

Take advantage of e-commerce possibilities, do not be left behind. We will help you reach your customers online without any extra effort from your part.

Our product specific online sales network with video search marketing campaign helps you to reach your customers and we take care of the whole product sales process up until shipping out the product.

Our service is FREE.

How can we boost your sales?

100+ sales channels

Video Marketing Campaigns

Automatic sales

Our sales network automatically distributes your products in over 100 product specific e-shops. Your number of online sales channels will raise considerably in seconds.

We produce video marketing campaigns for your top selling products. This draws in a big number of customers as well as helps to promote your product awareness. 52% of Brazilians rate "watching videos" as their main activity in the Internet.

For you the whole sales process is automatic. The only thing you have to do is to send out the products to customers, we take care of the rest. Orders with all relevant address data will be forwarded in bulk or one by one, based on your preference.